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Herbs to repel mosquitoes Dengue Fever Villain

Herbs to repel mosquitoes Dengue Fever Villain Mosquitoes are important vectors of disease, including Aedes mosquitoes. Which are the vectors for dengue fever. Anopheles mosquitoes are vectors of malaria. Nuisance mosquitoes carry encephalitis. The Aedes mosquito and many other mosquito species are carriers of lymphatic filariasis. That is still a

How many minutes of napping good for your health?

How many minutes of napping good for your health? Naping is sleeping for a short period of time to compensate for insufficient sleep. period of sleep Will affect health Both brain and body It can make you feel more alert quickly. Helps reduce tension Makes the mind fresh and clear. Additionally, your

Malaria Dangers of hiking

Malaria Dangers of hiking Malaria is a contagious disease carried by certain types of Anopheles mosquitoes. Caused by the protozoan Plasmodium. which are germs that live in the blood There are different phases of the germ cycle, alternating between sexual and asexual phases. And the life cycle exists in both

Big Bayern explains releasing Grafenberg to Liverpool

Big Bayern explains reason for releasing Grafenberg to Liverpool. Bayern Munich CEO reveals reason for selling Ryan Grafenberg to Liverpool before the end of the summer transfer window Despite the failure to deal with Joao Palinha from Fulham Bayern Munich ‘s senior executive reveals the reason behind the

Fenerbahce eyes Arsenal veteran after market closes

Fenerbahce eyes Arsenal veteran after market closes Even though the summer transfer window in the Premier League has closed, Arsenal’s veteran midfielder Georginho is still attracting interest from the Turkish giants, whose window has not yet closed. Arsenal Italy midfielder Jorginho has link with Turkish side Fenerbache. Although

How can leg cramps be treated and prevented?

Leg cramps usually resolve on their own within a few minutes. When cramping should rest the muscles that are cramping. Gently massage the cramping area to loosen the muscles. Stand with your toes pressed against the floor and your knees slightly bent. If unable to stand Sit on the floor

Food sources of antioxidants.

Normally, the human body can produce its own antioxidants. But may not be enough to maintain good health. So eating certain foods will help the body get antioxidants. Which helps to reduce and slow down the deterioration of cells. Each food may contain different types of antioxidants