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How can leg cramps be treated and prevented?

Leg cramps usually resolve on their own within a few minutes. When cramping should rest the muscles that are cramping. Gently massage the cramping area to loosen the muscles. Stand with your toes pressed against the floor and your knees slightly bent. If unable to stand Sit on the floor

Food sources of antioxidants.

Normally, the human body can produce its own antioxidants. But may not be enough to maintain good health. So eating certain foods will help the body get antioxidants. Which helps to reduce and slow down the deterioration of cells. Each food may contain different types of antioxidants

What are the benefits of prunes?

Prunes are fruits that provide many good nutrients. Eating prunes is good for health in many ways, for example: good for digestive system Prunes are rich in dietary fiber  , both soluble fiber and insoluble. With 100 grams or about 10 prunes provide about 7 grams of

Precautions when using Aromatherapy.

The essential oils used in Aromatherapy can be safely inhaled or massaged over the body. but because it is a highly concentrated extracted oil. Some products may need to be diluted prior to use. Because if applied directly to the skin. It can cause irritation and make the