‘Fuente’, the new boss, the bull is open, ‘Ramos’ returns to the team

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Spain’s new head coach Luis de la Fuente also opened the door for veterans Sergio Busquets and Sergio Ramos to be called up, while acknowledging that the sport was “very important”. Their football may need to change.

At the 2022 World Cup, “The Fierce Bull” stopped in the last 16 after losing on penalties to Morocco. After the tournament, Luis Enrique announced his separation and was ready to appoint De La Fuen. Te, coach from the U-21 team Taking over until Euro 2024,

De La Fuente spent more than 10 years after stepping up to coach Spain’s youth teams at the U19, 21 and 23 levels, having previously worked at Alaves for a few months. The UFABET report

That has led the 61-year-old to question his experience managing top teams. and during an interview that was released on Monday He said about this:

“I’ve been a professional player for over 15 years, I’ve won trophies. and used to join the youth national team

“I’ve coached 16 players who made it to the Spanish national team at this World Cup. So if there is anyone in the country who has the current knowledge And the future of Spanish football, that person is me.”

This season, Ramos returned to form as a central defender for Paris Saint-Germain, but he was not called up to the World Cup and de la Fuente. was asked about the 36-year-old defensive line.

Everyone has a chance to be selected. And now Ramos’ body is perfect.”

Another veteran De La Fuente was asked about was Barcelona’s 34-year-old midfielder Busquets.

I want to continue playing for the national team. He still has a lot to offer in Spanish football.”

De la Fuente concluded by hinting that the Spanish national team may change their style of play.

“There is one idea that we cannot negotiate. That is to adapt to all playing systems. And I will try to collect different things to develop the team ′′ ′

′ We will try to continue to improve. And always analyzing about changes in football ′′ ′′

We won’t stick to anything. We are ready for change when needed.”