‘Dalic’ points out ‘Argentina’ is more pressured

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Croatia boss Zlatko Dalic says Argentina will take on more pressure in their upcoming clash. And hope that the competition will not be as fierce as the previous game that the rival nation met with the Netherlands

this Tuesday night, Dalic prepares to control “chess” to play in the World Cup quarter-finals, meet “blue and white”, which if they win Will make it to the final for the second time in a

row And that’s a huge achievement for Croatia,” the 56-year-old said in a pre-match media interview.

“however We want more, I’m optimistic and have full confidence in my players. They have shown that they deserve to reach the finals. from excellent quality and strength in character

In 2018, Croatia beat hosts Denmark and Russia on penalties before beating England in extra-time in the semi-final before losing 4-2 to France to finish as runners-up. the UFABET report

This year’s Qatar has been similar in previous rounds, with Croatia beating Brazil and Japan on penalties.

“Playing two games until extra time is quite exhausting. But we reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. And we won’t talk about fatigue ′′ ′

′ There is no doubt that we are still strong. have energy and determination We will devote everything Like we’ve always done in previous games. We don’t have any injuries. And my team doesn’t feel tired.”

Croatia met Argentina in the group stages of the last World Cup. and won comfortably 3-0

“That was a group game. and unable to judge anything The game that day has nothing to do with the game tomorrow

. highly committed And they are under more pressure than us, they have more fans. And that puts us at a disadvantage. But we won’t complain about it ′

′ We reached the semifinals. and met one of the best teams in the world Past and present ′′ ′

′ For me, the 2018 semi-final against England was the best game of all time. Next up was the last match where we beat Brazil. “

Tomorrow’s game against Argentina is third, but if we win it will be the best game of all time for the Croatian national team.” “The game between Argentina

. Tina and the Netherlands are quite fierce. And it’s difficult because there are so many non-football incidents happening.

“I never show anger to anyone and I really hope that tomorrow we don’t have a game like that.”