‘Barton’ sacks ‘Southgate’

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Former midfielder Joey Barton has called on Gareth Southgate to resign and asked the FA to stop rewarding the England manager for failing to halt the 2022 World Cup campaign

. In the quarter-finals after losing 2-1 to former champion France

after the game, Southgate gave an interview, asking for some time to consider his future. Prestigious football gurus Gary Neville and Ian Wright have backed the 52-year-old to stay in charge.

Another pundit, Rio Ferdinand, was critical of Southgame substitutions in the loss to Atletico, but overall he was supportive of the manager as well

. League One teams All Rovers are completely different. By writing a message expressing views via personal social media that

“Can’t believe Southgate hasn’t resigned yet. That’s a two-time world champion. and the Euro Championship we host which we can win the championship “

Stop rewarding failure, Southgate has to go and it’s time to hire someone who can be a champion.

” many years ago That’s all there is to say. “

We need to win. Southgate is a good guy but he’s not a winner, it’s over when he puts a pizza box on his head. After missing the penalty ′′ ′

′ People who respect themselves. Barton’s 1996 Pizza Hut ad, which Barton was referring to, took place in 1996 after Southgate missed the

point. The penalty contributed to England’s elimination of the Euros semi-finals. the UFABET report

After being eliminated, Southgate appeared in an ad for the fast food franchise alongside Stewart Pearce and Chris Waddle. In the wore a paper bag over his head

. Eating pizza while Pierce and Waddle joke about missing a penalty

“Thank you very much friend I feel so much better,” said Southgate, removing the paper bag after eating the pizza. and then walked to hit the pole in the shop to make another laugh