Precautions when using Aromatherapy.

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The essential oils used in Aromatherapy can be safely inhaled or massaged over the body. but because it is a highly concentrated extracted oil. Some products may need to be diluted prior to use. Because if applied directly to the skin. It can cause irritation and make the skin sensitive to the sun. Or if inhaled from the packaging, it may have a pungent odor and cause severe allergic reactions for people who are sensitive to smells.

In addition, there are additional precautions in choosing Aromatherapy as follows:

  • Do not taste, drink or ingest essential oils. Because some products can be toxic and cause gastrointestinal, liver and kidney damage.
  • Essential oils should not be used on children. who is pregnant and those in the lactation period because it may not be safe and can cause adverse reactions
  • Should choose products that are extracted from 100 percent natural ingredients. That do not contain any chemicals or synthetic substances UFABET
  • Always do a skin allergy test before use. Apply essential oil to the underarm and cover it for 24 hours. If swelling, burning or redness occurs, do not use that essential oil again.

 Aromatherapy It is the science of treating diseases by using essential oils from plants as key ingredients. By either inhaling or massaging the body. Which many people believe that this method may help treat various ailments. But this type of therapy is really beneficial to health.